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Jacqueline Jones directs​
by Larry Gard
On Tour in 2017

IN MEMORY OF Marcia Quick 

Jacqueline Jones as Jocelyn in 
this holiday revival of
in Richmond Triangle Players’ 25th Anniversary Season
Nov 15-Dec 16, 2017;
Directed by Thomas Ross Aitken

 Days Gone By

 Death of the Party  "Best of Richmond 2011" & "Audience Choice Award"

 Richmond 48 Hour Film Project 2011, Directed and Edited by Matt Polson,Team One 

Jacqueline Jones appears at meter marks :54, 1:13 (audio), 2:40, 3:00, 5:23 

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The Santaland Diaries and Season's Greetings by David Sedaris

Posted May 17, 2017


Jacqueline Jones revives her portrayal of Jocelyn in

David Sedaris's
November 15 - December 16, 2017

1300 Altamont Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23230

Directed by T. Ross Aitken

Starring Robert Throckmorton and Jacqueline Jones
"Perfect is Director T. Ross Aitken's choice of actors ... Throckmorton and Jones are masterful in their use of inflection, timing and facial expressions. Each brings a sense of realness to the character that sometimes flirts with the darkest parts of our minds. Their portrayals are flawless, unlike their characters." 
The Santaland Diaries and Season's Greetings
(Richmond Triangle Players, Richmond, VA)
Reviewed by Joan Tupponce
Richmond.com, November 19, 2004
 "Impeccably performed by Jones, Jocelyn’s catty asides and increasingly unbelievable holiday cheer are comic gold ... the lanky Throckmorton, able to communicate a boatload of attitude with just a glance, effortlessly throws off punch line after punch line. Mostly director T. Ross Aitken keeps things simple. He lets his two talented performers run, and armed with Sedaris’ finely crafted hilarity, they provide a whole holiday season’s share of merriment in a single night of theater." 
The Santaland Diaries and Season's Greetings 
(Richmond Triangle Players, Richmond, VA)
Reviewed by D.L. Hintz (aka David Timberline)
Style Weekly, November 24, 2004
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A Song in the Wilderness

Posted August 13, 2016

Jacqueline Jones directs


by ​ Larry Gard

Starring Kerrigan Sullivan 
with Stage Management by Alleigh Scantling 
​ On Tour in 2017 


RICHMOND, VA Performances & Talkbacks: 
May 6 & 13 at 8:00pm ~ CAT Theatre 
May 17 at Noon ~ Science Museum of VA 
Jun 16 & 17 at 7:30pm ~ TheatreLAB 

INDIANA Performances & Talkbacks:
May 26 at 7:00pm Allen County Public Library
May 27 at 7:30pm Notre Dame University
May 28 at 2:00pm Notre Dame University

This production is dedicated to the Memory of Marcia Quick Gard.

For more information or to book a tour, please email lgard@smv.org 

“There is one thing I know without question. The race of Man has created a fearsome and greedy beast called Progress, and it relishes every crushing stride with reckless abandon. I have seen what remains broken and lifeless in its wake, and I have tried to stop it. I have seen ... And I have felt an outrage that carries my sense of reason almost to the limit.”

~ Gene Stratton-Porter from A SONG IN THE WILDERNESS, by Larry Gard 


This compelling 45 minute one-woman show examines the life and experiences of this incredible woman who recognized the importance of conserving the earth’s environment. Viewers will depart the theatre with an understanding of just how strong the commitment must be to achieve both a reasonable and responsible balance between the preservation of natural resources and the industrial pursuits of mankind.  


Gene Stratton-Porter (1863-1924) was a prolific author of both fiction and non-fiction, a naturalist, an environmentalist, musician, and a nature  photographer. She was the first American author to be translated into a foreign language. At the height of her writing career,  she was selling 5,000 books per day, and it is estimated that during her lifetime, she had 50 million readers around the world. She used her wealth  and position to finance her studies of nature, her accomplishments as a photographer of birds and moths, and her attempts to  save a 10,000 acre swamp in Indiana known as The Limberlost. Mrs. Stratton-Porter was also one of the first women to form a movie production studio.


A Song in the Wilderness, by Larry Gard (artistic director of the Carpenter Science Theatre at the Science Museum of Virginia) and directed by Jacqueline Jones, originated in Marcia Quick Gard's passionate depiction of Gene Stratton Porter. A SONG IN THE WILDERNESS was first produced in 1993 as part of the annual Performances in the Humanities program of the Indiana Humanities Council, and starred Marcia Quick Gard as Gene Stratton-Porter. The show toured Indiana under the same banner during the spring of each year, through 1997. In 2002, A SONG IN THE WILDERNESS was produced featuring the same actress for a festival about women in science at the Science Museum of Virginia. We lost Marcia to cancer December 16, 2016. The 2017 production is offered by Larry Gard in loving memory of is wife Marcia Quick Gard, who passed away on December 16, 2016.

Posted October, 2007

Jacqueline Jones as "Ma Smith" in

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